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FETKY device offers 60% space saving

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INTERNATIONAL Rectifier (IR) has introduced the new IRF7335D1 dual FETKY device, which co-packages two N-channel MOSFETs and a Schottky diode in a single SO-14 package.

The new device has the highest current carrying capability among dual MOSFET-Schottky co-packaged offerings today, and delivers 40 per cent more current when compared to IR's previously released IRF7901D1 device.

The IRF7335D1 offers as much as 60 per cent space-savings compared to a similar discrete circuit solution.

The IRF7335D1 is designed for standard 12V input, 5V, 3.3V and 1.7V output synchronous buck converter circuits delivering up to 11A in notebook and desktop computers, game consoles and Internet appliances.

Co-packaging simplifies layout, reduces packaging and assembly cost, increases power density and simplifies procurement logistics.

The two MOSFETs in the IRF7335D1 are individually optimised for control and synchronous switching functions. The synchronous MOSFET has low on-resistance for reduced conduction losses.

The control MOSFET features low total gate charge and gate-to-drain charge for reduced switching losses and is rated at 30V breakdown to safely handle input voltage spikes. The internal Schottky diode has low forward voltage drop for fast and efficient switching.

"The SO-14 package used for the new Dual FETKY Co-Pak contains a customized lead frame for improved thermal characteristics and multiple die capability,” IR marketing manager Shawn O’Grady said.

“In addition, the integration minimizes stray package and PCB trace inductance between the synchronous FET and the paralleled Schottky diode, simplifying board layout and increasing efficiency."

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