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Wavecom Fastrack M1306MB modems from InterCEL

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InterCEL  produce a wide range of modems and module solutions to offer mobile communication solutions. The InterCEL Wavecom Fastrack M1306MB modem provides GPRS class 10 Capability with Open IT and AT protocols such as IP connectivity.

The dual band Fastrack modem can be attached with different applications such as fleet management and remote control and monitoring. The benefits of the Fastrack modem are GPS and GPRS data, Voice and SMS through a serial connection.

InterCEL design and provide Wavecom Fastrack M1306MB with power supply cable, Y-cable for data and audio connection and fixing equipments. The GSM supplementary services include call forwarding, call barring, multiparty, USSD, calling line identity, call waiting and call holding options and advice on charge.
InterCEL Wavecom Fastrack is designed with an advanced open software platform called the MUSE platform open AT. The upgrading of software can be done through the Xmodem protocol. InterCEL have manufactured Wavecom Fastrack abiding to standards such as Radio and Telecommunication Terminal Equipment, EMC, Global Certification Forum – Certification Criteria and Safety and Chinese Approvals.

InterCEL designed and manufactured Wavecom Integra M2106 modem with embedded TCP/IP and open AT. The InterCEL Wavecom Q2400 series provides up to GPRS Class 10 and can be operated on WISMO Quik Q2400 platforms.

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