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Singley chooses SolidWorks Professional design software as design platform

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article image FutureTruck tractor-trailer platform designed with SolidWorks

Jeremy Singley Industrial Design works with SolidWorks Professional 3D design software and SolidWorks Flow Simulation software to create innovative and cutting-edge industrial designs that are production-ready.

Jeremy Singley began using SolidWorks Professional design software when he founded the firm in 2004. He sought a 3D design package that would allow him to deliver industrial design concepts in the form of parametric solid models. Having worked earlier with Autodesk Inventor software, he was not sure of its suitability for his specific needs.

Selecting SolidWorks Professional as his design platform, he later added SolidWorks Flow Simulation computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis software to support aerodynamic design validation needs.

Jeremy Singley Industrial Design uses SolidWorks design and SolidWorks Flow Simulation software to create innovative designs such as the FutureTruck, a new tractor-trailer platform concept that boosts fuel efficiency by 35%.

Singley has benefited from SolidWorks’ unique blend of surfacing, modelling, visualisation, virtual prototyping and communication tools. SolidWorks’ 3D design software and flow simulation software helped Jeremy Singley Industrial Design shorten their clients’ time-to-market, decrease design time, reduce prototyping requirements and lower design errors.  

Key gains for the company from the software include collaboration, implementation, ease of use, training, support, data exchange, focus on design, better product design, total cost of ownership, manufacturability, advanced modelling, product-level drawings, automated documentation, photorealistic renderings and integration.  

Key results from SolidWorks solutions:  

  • Shortened client’s time-to-market by 50% 
  • Decreased design time by 20% 
  • Cut number of prototypes by 50% 
  • Reduced design errors by 60%     
Owner Jeremy Singley comments that SolidWorks helps them create cutting-edge designs that are profitable to manufacture because the software model supplies all the engineering data required for production.

SolidWorks 3D CAD design software is also available in Australia and New Zealand from Intercad .

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