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Intercad launches SolidWorks 2013 design software in ANZ

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Leading Australian and New Zealand authorised reseller of SolidWorks 3D CAD/CAM technology, Intercad is launching SolidWorks 2013 at a series of dynamic hands-on events across Australia and New Zealand.
According to Intercad, the new design tools, faster modelling and enhanced collaboration delivered by the latest version of the 3D design software will simplify a company’s product development and make businesses more productive. Intercad will be showcasing SolidWorks 2013 at its Innovation Days across ANZ.
Intercad’s Mark Duggan, one of ANZ’s few SolidWorks Elite Application Engineers says that the new features will make big differences across organisations on a daily basis.
According to Max Piper, Chief Executive Officer, Intercad, their team will be available to help users address their business issues, navigate the solutions maze and offer advice on how best to deliver world-leading and cutting-edge results.
Key SolidWorks 2013 3D design software highlights:
Everyday users for instance, can take advantage of various features that speed up work and reduce complexity. SolidWorks now begins loading components in the background when a computer is started, resulting in a faster start. A new section tool interface allows users to create section views, aligned section views and half section views on a drawing.
The Sheet Metal Bend Note feature allows more control of bend notes, including displaying complementary and supplementary angles or both. Users are now able to add a Centre of Mass (COM) point to an assembly or part as well as create SpeedPak configurations for sub-assemblies from within a parent assembly.
Administrators can take advantage of SolidWorks CAD Admin Dashboard, which can be accessed by clients on subscription through the Customer Portal and allows users to monitor performance, hardware status and system options settings.
Mark-ups done in eDrawings are visible in the SolidWorks Feature Manager design tree. Delayed in State Notifications (Document Management) feature allows users to create notifications that are triggered when a file has been in a state for longer than it should be.
With the Parallel Workflow Transitions (Document Management) feature, when creating or editing a workflow transition, users can select Parallel as the transition type, requiring multiple users to run the transition before a file is moved to a new state.
Simulation users benefit from the new Plastics module available for injection moulding. The Incremental Meshing feature allows users to run through and mesh individual components in an assembly.
For studies with a large number of bodies, the new sub-modelling feature allows users to improve the results at critical areas without having to re-run the analysis for the whole model.
Maximise Performance of SolidWorks 2013 Applications
Intercad has invested in industry-leading hardware solutions to maximise the performance of SolidWorks 2013 and help businesses innovate and stay ahead of the market.
For instance, the popular PhotoView 360 add-in that produces photo-realistic renderings of SolidWorks models now takes advantage of render farming in SolidWorks 2013. SolidWorks 2013 users can make the most of PhotoView 360 render farming with a high-end purpose-built BOXX technologies workstation or networkable renderPro.
IC3D has also added 3D printers to its suite of products, such as the extremely cost effective and first true desktop 3D printer, the Mojo 3D that produces models in ABSplus production-grade, durable and high-quality thermoplastic.

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