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Intel details TOE technology

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Intel has disclosed new information on the TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) technology it plans to incorporate into future iSCSI, TCP/IP offload and 10GbE designs from 2003.

In these next-generation designs, the many layers of network protocols required to transport data will be offloaded from the host processor to this TOE technology.

This frees the host processor to focus on other applications, reduces power consumption and enables wire-speed performance for platforms operating up to and beyond 10Gbps, Intel said.

The silicon-based TOE is also expected to deliver higher performance and low power functionality than firmware-based solutions, Intel added.

Adding to TOE, Intel also unveiled four new controllers for redundant array of independent disk (RAID) systems that help protect data by writing it across several disks.

The RAID controller SRCZCR is a modular RAID card featuring Ultra160 and Ultra320 SCSI and serial ATA compatibility.

The SRCZCR enables low-cost RAID capability through standards-based RAID I/O Steering technology, which enables RAID capabilities via a PCI plug-in arrangement utilising existing SCSI or Serial ATA disk interfaces.

In addition, the RAID controller SRCU42L is a two-channel Ultra320-SCSI EIAD controller for high-density servers.

The RAID controller SRCS14L is a four-port Serial ATA RAID controller enabling simultaneous access to every channel, while the SRCFC22/M/C is a family of 2Gbps Fibre-Channel RAID controllers with the capability to support up to 252 devices in a dual-loop configuration at varying RAID levels, the company added.

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