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The Wilden Typhoon Drum Pump from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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Integrity Pumps and Engineering  offers the Wilden Typhoon Drum Pump; a uniquely designed device with flexible impellers used to deliver the suction lift capabilities in tough fluid transfer applications.  

The Wilden Typhoon drum pump is self priming and offers a wide range of chemical compatibility needed for most fluid transfer applications. These Typhoon drum pumps have been uniquely designed to fill, dispense or unload product in a minimal amount of time. It was designed for ease of use and is engineered with safety and productivity in mind.  

Whether for pH balancing applications or transferring hazardous fluids, the Wilden Typhoon drum pumps are engineered to simplify the fluid transfer process. Features that aid the simplification of this process include a self draining fluid casing, hose or thread connections, ease of operation and portability, compact design, it is electrically driven and the pump casing and impeller are not submerged.  

The Wilden Typhoon drum pump is predominantly used in the following applications; drum unloading, specialty container uploading, dispensing applications, pH balancing and can be used to transfer the following liquids; wash down and sanitizing fluids, hazardous liquids and thin viscosity fluids.

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