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Pompetravaini Oilsys Unit Series vacuum pump

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Integrity Pumps and Engineering  offer the Pompetravaini Oilsys Unit Series vacuum pump. It features a total oil recirculation vacuum unit with two pumps attached to the unit as a separator tank.

The mineral oil used in the Pomeptravaini Oilsys vacuum pump is used as a service liquid. This fluid has physical properties such which enhance the pump performance and facilitate maximum vacuum pressure. The gas handled by the Pompetravaini Oilsys vacuum pump is discharged with some of the service oil into the special frame which acts as gas/oil separator and allows separation from the oil of any evacuated condensables.

Unlike rotary vane pumps, the Pompetravaini Oilsys vacuum pumps do not require lubrication. Therefore, contamination of oil by condensables or solid particles is not damaging to the unit.


  • Maintenance requirements minimized 
  • Accessibility for maintenance is maximized 
  • Capacity to handle gases with suspended particles 
  • Rotating parts have no metal to metal contact and do not require any lubrication 
  • Low noise level and low vibration 
  • Rugged construction with maximum dependability 
  • Complete vacuum package self-cooled with full recycle of oil 
  • No water or other cooling liquids required 
  • Vented air free of oil “smoke” or fumes


  • Separator cyclone with collecting tank at pump suction to recover solids and condensables 
  • Condenser at pump suction and discharge 
  • Non return valve and gauges 
  • Water-oil heat exchanger 
  • Air-oil heat exchanger with oversized passages to minimize fouling

The Pompetravaini Oilsys unit series vacuum pump has successfully been used in many industries, including Plastics, Brick and ceramics manufacturing, Pneumatic conveying, Poultry evisceration, Pasta extrusion, Leather and wood processing, Packaging and food processing.

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