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Ultrasonic flow meter from Instrument Project Engineering and Installation

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Ultrasonic flow meter is a clamp-on type ultrasonic flow meter, based on transit-time measuring method.

Because of Fuji Electrics microprocessor based electronics, the ultrasonic flow meter can be easily configured from the front keyboard to specific applications.

The ultrasonic flow meter is suitable for liquid flow measurements for pipe size 13mm to 6000mm diameter.

The ultrasonic flow meter is a compact and light-weight instrument incorporating the latest electronics and high speed digital signal processing technologies (32bit MPU), realising high performance and easy operation.

Fuji ultrasonic Flow meter is available from Instrument Project Engineering and Installation.

Compact and light-weight: The adoption of the latest electronics and digital signal processing technologies has reduced the size and weight of the converter to almost half, in comparison with traditional ultrasonic flow meters.

Full variety of sensors including explosion-proof type The ultrasonic flow meter can be used with various types of sensors applicable for wide range of pipe size (ø13 to ø6000mm) and fluid temperature (-40 to +200? C). Explosion-proof type per Cenelec Std. can be also available.

High accuracy: The ultra sonic flow meter is designed for high accuracy (better than ?1.0% of rate) by dynamic correction of fully-developed flow profile. Reynolds Number is calculated and a meter factor (K) is automatically applied for best accuracy at all flow velocities. Further, the adoption of new sound velocity measurement system permits measurements of fluids of unknown sound velocity. Moreover, affection from fluid temperature and pressure is negligible (Auto-Temp./Press. compensation).

Good resistance against aerated flow Fuji's unique ABM feature improves measurement reliability for different flow like slurries, sludge, raw sewage and bubble-contained flow (acceptable up to air bubble of 12% volume at 1m/s velocity).

Quick response with the use of high-speed micro-processor suited for digital signal processing, the fast response time is realised.

Multi-lingual: The following languages are supported for display - Japanese (Katakana), English, German and French.

Good performance and easy operation Large LCD and function keys are allowing easy configuration and trouble shooting on this dynamic ultra sonic flow meter.

  • LCD with back light
  • Easy mounting of sensor
  • Trouble shooting

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