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Calog Calibrators are rugged hand-held calibrators used for mA loops, Pressure, Thermocouple, RTD and Weighing systems. Functions include source, measurement and simulate, trend graphs, data-logging, increment, auto step, auto ramp and valve stroking.

As well as weigh system calibration, Calog-LC II tests load cell zero balance, input resistance, output resistance and bridge balance, plus a 50V DC insulation test from bridge to shield, bridge to housing and shield to housing.

Rugged and precise calibrators with data-logging

  • Calog-LC II for weigh system calibration and load cell testing
  • Calog-Loop II for all powered and non-powered mA loops
  • Calog-Pressure II for up to 1,000 bar with mA loop functions
  • Calog-Temperature for Thermocouples, RTD's and mA loops
  • Key-per-digit incrementing plus auto-step and auto-ramping
  • Real-time clock and SD card Data Logging with USB connectivity

Calog Calibrators are designed for use with sensors, transmitters, PLC's and SCADA systems and include transmitter excitation. All calibrator models are supplied with test leads, battery chargers, SD cards, calibration certificates and carry-cases.

Instrotech supports Calog Calibrators with calibration and service facilities and a 2 year warranty.

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01/09/10 - Instrotech Australia offers the Calog-TEMP portable temperature meter calibration tool designed for testing, measuring and calibrating all thermocouple and RTD-based systems.
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07/07/10 - Instrotech Australia offers the Calog-Loop II, a handheld loop calibrator with functions to install and maintain all powered and non-powered milliamp loops.
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23/01/10 - The Calog-Pro, available from Instrotech Australia, is a handheld calibrator ideal for testing, installing and calibrating most process control and PLC based systems.
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18/09/09 - Instrotech manufactures weighing amplifiers, indicators, and transmitters in panel-mount, rail-mount and field-mount versions.
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17/09/09 - Model 5004 is a 5 digit (-199999 to 199999) LED Load Cell Indicator designed for mV inputs from load cells, strain gauges and strain gauge pressure transmitters.
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