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Calog portable load cell display from Instrotech

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Available from Instrotech Australia , the Calog is a small, rugged and portable handheld battery or auxiliary-powered load cell display.
Designed to power one 350 Ohm or three 1,000 Ohm load cells with a fixed 5 VDC excitation, the Calog load cell indicator may be set to show Mass, Force, Strain or Torque from load cells. The mV/V sensitivity, range, decimal points and engineering units are all user programmable.

Both automatic and manual trims are provided to offset Zero dead-weight and set Span, with or without known weights. User options such as Tare, Peak Hold and Auto Zero Maintenance are included in the load cell display menus.
Key features of Calog portable load cell display:

  • Data logging to the internal SD card may be set at fixed real-time automatic logging intervals or instantly at any time by pressing the Enter key
  • Data may be retrieved from the card or via the USB interface in CSV format
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack provides up to 6 hours of use for load cell display and data logging
  • Can be used with the supplied mains AC or vehicle outlet DC battery chargers
  • Delivered in a carry case with chargers, operating manual, factory calibration certificate and M12 load cell cable connector

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