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Australian Standard AS 4024.1-2006 “Safety of Machinery” Workshop

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Supported by the Institute of Instrumentation, Control & Automation , the "Safety of Machinery" workshop will enable participants to learn how to use the newly updated machine safety standard for Australia and New Zealand, AS4024.1-2006, from members of the committee that redesigned it.

These workshops are practical and ideal for anyone who needs an indepth understanding of machine and automation safety, including:

  • Project engineers
  • OHS professionals
  • Electricians
  • Machinery importers and suppliers
  • Production managers
  • Maintenance engineers and managers
Risk assessments and the basic principles of AS 4024 and AS 62061 (SIL’s) with free SIL calculator demo software will be explained in easy to understand language, and participants will be able to conduct risk assessments and control risks “so far as is reasonably practicable” in line with current OHS law and standards.

Eliminate hazards and reduce risks so far as is practicable in compliance with the standard and law. Manage safetyrelated parts of control systems and validation, design of controls, interlocks and guarding, emergency stop design, and prevention of unexpected start-up; Safe suspension of machine

The 2006 revision includes a new section on ergonomics. Know how to use human body measurements and anthropometric data to calculate correct distances, sizes of guards and openings (mesh etc). The positioning of displays, control actuators and signals, indication marking and actuation is also explained.

Training is conducted by members of the AS 4024 committee:

Frank Schrever - Frank has been on the Australian standards committee for “Safety of Machinery” SF 041 reviewing AS 4024 and other machine-specific standards since 1999. Frank presents the first safe automation course at Swinburne University and guest lectures at other educational institutions.

Ern Millard - Ern has chaired the Standards Australia Committee SF 41 responsible for Machinery Safety for the 20 years since it was established. Now a specialist machine safety consultant, Ern has over 50 years' experience in manufacturing, including 27 years in occupational health and safety.

Places are limited to maximise participant time with Frank and Ern.

Perth - Wednesday 14th October 09
North Sydney - Tuesday 20th October 09
West Sydney - Wednesday 21st October 09
Moorabin - Wednesday 11 November 09

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