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Instant Weighing’s weighing equipment weighs up loads with accuracy

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Instant Weighing  specialises in the supply of a comprehensive range of weighing equipment to meet varied weighing requirements in farming applications.
Given the rising costs of fertilisers and transportation, knowing the correct weight of various loads is important in all sectors of farm management. Farmers must know the accurate weights of loads to control the high cost of materials as well as meet load weight regulations.
Instant Weighing offers a large range of weighing equipment for use in cropping, livestock management and transportation.
COMPULOAD front end loader scales provide throughput control of all bulk materials such as fertilisers and aglime. The front end loader scale is now a Trade Approved scale for loading trucks in quarries supplying aglime, gypsum, sand and gravel.
Instant Weighing’s weighing equipment for farms:
  • Waterproof scales to weigh grain samples when calibrating the air-seeder, the super-spreader and the harvester
  • Front end loader scales to give throughput control of bulk fertilisers
  • Grain auger scales to weigh the discharge from chaser bins into road-trains or storage bins
  • Single axle wheel pads or small length weighbridges for weighing truck axle groups
  • Ruddweigh livestock scales to monitor stock growth
  • Loadcells under mixalls for feed mixing and feed lot allocations
  • Single and multi-axle weighbridges to weigh trucks, semis and road-trains

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