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LABEL manufacturer insignia won three awards at the recent Label and Tag Manufacturers Association (LATMA) label competition.

Even more significant was the fact insignia received two awards in the same category, both a bronze and a highly commended in the prestigious label flexography colour process category.

The bronze, awarded for Cedar Creek’s Bilpin Apple Juice label, is a perfect example of a label’s ability to create maximum impact on supermarket shelves.

The seven-colour label impressed judges with the quality, design and complexity of printing and insignia’s General Manager Jack Winson said the awards represented a culmination of hard work by the entire insignia team.

“Winning a labelling award has been a goal for insignia from the beginning, labels are our life-blood and these awards help confirm we know labels. Everyone at insignia should be proud of what they have helped achieve.”

The LATMA label awards aim to stimulate innovation in printing and recognise technical achievement in the label industry, something insignia strives to achieve.

In recent years insignia has invested heavily in flexographic press technology to ensure the highest quality labels are produced for their customers.

“When a company asks us to produce a label for their product they are entrusting us with their brand, a label is often the last form of marketing a consumer encounters before making the final purchasing decision. A label not only has to attract the consumers’ eye but it also projects a company’s image, and we take this very seriously,” Winson said.

insignia has grown considerably since their entry into the prime label market five years ago, and has invested significantly in flexo presses to ensure the highest quality labels possible.

“When we entered the prime label market five years ago we followed the US model and invested in flexographic printing. We have been greatly influenced by our close ties with large US label converters Diagraph and Datamax,” Winson said.

The latest addition to the insignia press room is the Mark Andy 2200, which is affectionately named Monet, and ensures insignia can choose the best machine for the job each time.

“With a focus on quality, our plan has always been to nurture a highly skilled and educated team and invest in the latest technology and quality equipment. Our customers know the labels we produce have a great impact on the presentation of their product and must enhance the brand,” Winson said.

With the growing number of products appearing on supermarket shelves it is hard to deny the importance packaging and labelling plays in getting consumers to notice a product - a vital step in the purchasing decision, as an unnoticed product has no chance of being purchased regardless of price or quality.

With this in mind insignia takes great steps to ensure their customers’ labels not only perform well on the shelf but continue to project quality long after the consumer has taken it home.

“The longer a label can last on a product and keep it looking good, the longer that product continues to be promoted to the consumer which helps contribute to brand recognition, something that should be important to all companies,” Winson said.

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