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INSIGNIA ’s new Datamax I4210 is an all in one fully programmable label printer.

The new Datamax I4210 printer incorporates an application technology called Macro Command Language (MCL). This software technology has turned the label printer, a previously unintelligent peripheral device, into a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This allows users to program the Datamax I4210 to perform a logical customised application.

This technology is having the most impact is in weigh scale systems. Traditionally, software had to be interfaced between scales and a label printer.

MCL enables the software application to be developed to reside on the label printer, with scales and other peripheral devices such as scanners and keyboards connected directly back into the Datamax I4210, making it a stand-alone system.

The Datamax is suitable for applications within the meat industry for carcass and carton labelling, the smallgoods industry for primary product labelling and fastener companies looking to use weight inputs to generate quantity data for labelling primary products.

The Datamax I4210 and MCL can be set up to allow the user to select the appropriate label required and print it straight from their scanned input, including on the label variable details such as the weight of the product.

The need for human participation in searching for the correct product label from database records would be eliminated, reducing error. The Datamax I4210 can be set up to produce any labelling requirement, link to any network, take any RS232 input from an external device and utilise this data within the application.

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