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O’Neil microFlash 2te portable printers available from insignia

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The microFlash 2te portable printer from O’Neil is a rugged and reliable 2-inch wireless portable printer. Its small and durable exterior helps to protect its fast processor and expanded memory, which allows for rapid printing. The microFlash 2te portable printer is available from insignia .

The O’Neil microFlash 2te portable printer features a range of interface features to allow for easy use and compatibility. Small LEDs indicate functions such as charging and Bluetooth detection. The microFlash 2te also incorporates a number of buttons that help with changing over media and resetting the system. Audio indicators are also used to show different functions or warnings such as charging, on/off and Bluetooth.

The O’Neil microFlash 2te portable printer is engineered to withstand most portable applications. Taking multiple 6’ drops to concrete, the unbreakable double–walled polyethylene case protects the printer, taking all the bumps and knocks inherent in the mobile workplace. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the workforce.

Bluetooth eliminates the need for mobile workers to return to their vehicle to print receipts or tickets and avoids the cost and trouble of dealing with cables. All configurations feature advanced 32-bit architecture RISC processor for light-speed processing. By incorporating the Bluetooth protocol in flash memory, O’Neil have eliminated the need for costly hardware upgrades when wireless specifications change.

The O’Neil microFlash 2te portable printer uses one 7.2V Li-ion, 1800 mAh battery. An automatic sleep mode helps to save power and the fast 3 to 4 hour recharging time, along with an optional vehicle charger, provides a suitable solution for long and intense printing applications.

Flash memory allows the user to change fonts easily by connecting the printer to a computer and O’Neil have also eliminated the font and character limitations found in other printers. In co-operation with Bitstream fonts, any international character set can be added to the 2te portable printer with a one-time minimal setup fee.

The O’Neil microFlash 2te portable printer’s small size makes it suitable for field service. Whether workers are providing a service or delivering goods, organisations can profit by having accurate documentation of their pickups, deliveries, maintenance, inventories, routes/labour scheduling and reporting. An automated application or form will reduce errors and improve efficiencies when compared to a handwritten form.

The O’Neil microFlash 2te portable printer’s quick throughput makes it suitable for POS applications, helping to put an end to long lines and saving time for customers. Its long lasting battery and large media capacity allows workers to issue receipts all day long without recharging or changing media rolls. The magnetic card reader also allows users to accept credit cards on location.

A combination of portability, durability and technology make the O’Neil microFlash 2te portable printer suitable for:

  • Field service
  • Route accounting
  • Direct store delivery
  • Logistics
  • Home delivery
  • Pre-sales systems

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