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Domino D-Series plus industrial scribing lasers available from insignia

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Available now from insignia , the Domino D-Series plus is a versatile range of industrial scribing lasers offering flexibility and designed to provide high quality codes across a wide range of production speeds.

Domino D-Series plus industrial scribing lasers will improve overall equipment effectiveness - maximising uptime thanks to intuitive setup designed to reduce operator errors and lead to minimal changeover times.

With an intuitive WYSIWYG interface, codes are quick and easy to set up and edit with Domino D-Series plus industrial scribing lasers, enabling instantaneous message changeovers. Security and control of message changeover is ensured with standard multi-level user passwords.

The modular design of these industrial scribing lasers allows flexible laser head orientations for easy integration in multiple directions. Separate controllers not needed for everyday operations can be easily stacked and stored away, minimising footprint requirements. These industrial scribing lasers consistently offer high quality, legible codes to reduce the risk of costly returns.

The lasers on these scribing machines create an indelible mark directly onto products and packaging without the need for ink or other chemicals. This, combined with the incorporation of the Domino DPX range of fume extractors, ensures a safe and clean working environment.

D-Series plus industrial scribing lasers offer the flexibility to print an unlimited number of lines of text in any orientation. Furthermore, text can be inscribed in a wide range of fonts, at heights of between 0.5mm and 180mm high and at line speeds of up to 400m/min.

These machines are ideal for marking on to a variety of substrates, including paper, cartons, plastics and glass in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco and other manufacturing industries. Versatile coding options include serial numbers, batch codes, barcodes, 2D codes, real-time numbers, logos, and graphics, as well as more complex European and Asian characters.

D-Series plus industrial scribing lasers feature a built-in web server that allows all functionality to be controlled remotely via any interface running a standard Java-enabled web browser. Furthermore, there is a built-in Ethernet port enabling printers to be networked locally or enterprise wide, and external USB ports to move messages and configurations between printers for local based set-up, back-up and restore messages and printer settings, download printer information for service diagnostics and upload/download production data and printer software upgrades.

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