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CJB Bagging cuts downtime and costs by two thirds thanks to Domino V-Series thermal transfer overlay printers

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Leading aggregates packer and distributor CJB Bagging, part of the Day Group has achieved significant gains at its Tolworth site thanks to the installation of three Domino V300+ thermal transfer overlay (TTO) printers.

CJB Bagging is involved in packaging aggregates including salt, limestone, ballast and sand, and distributing them nationwide. The Tolworth facility, one of three sites that CJB Bagging operates across the country, receives aggregates in bulk via its own dedicated railway line, which are then offloaded into loading bays before joining one of three automated packaging lines.

Once the product is sorted, weighed, bagged and coded with a product name, the bags are palletised and distributed across the country.

CJB Bagging’s existing coding printer was constantly failing due to exposure to the extreme environment, resulting in regular, unscheduled maintenance downtime. Dust particles were causing the printers to malfunction while also wearing down the printheads quickly leading to constant disruption in the company’s ability to deliver product at peak times.

According to Trevor Croft, site manager at CJB Bagging’s Tolworth site, the facility needed a durable coding printer that would deliver quality print, withstand the harsh packaging environment, operate at greater speeds and crucially, not let them down during peak demand.

After due research of available coding printers in the market, CJB Bagging selected Domino’s V300+ printers for reasons such as build quality, performance and output speed.

Following a series of successful trials, Domino’s V300+ thermal transfer overlay printers proved their ability to withstand the challenging conditions of Tolworth’s packing line and meet the increased production speeds sought by CJB Bagging.

CJB Bagging purchased three V300+printers comprising of two V300+ two-inch printers and one V300+ five-inch printer to code the product names onto the bags of aggregates.

Key benefits delivered by the V300+ TTO printers:  

  • Fulfils wide area print requirements on continuous or intermittent multi-lane flexible packaging machines
  • Offers clean, durable and low maintenance overprinting of 300dpi data including text, bar codes, Data Matrix codes and logos
  • Easy to install vertically or horizontally on existing machines using adjustable brackets
  • Simple, maintenance-free dancing arm technology provides consistent tension between new and used ribbon spools
  • Designed for less maintenance, increased uptime and higher production speeds
  • Patented ribbon economy system enables savings up to 60% on ribbon usage without reducing print resolution
Trevor adds that the V300+ printers enable the Tolworth facility to code 5,000 – 6,000 bags a day at a speed of 17 bags per minute, allowing the company to easily keep on top of customer orders even during peak demand periods.

On the whole, CJB Bagging has achieved time and cost savings of 66%, running a 5½-day workweek schedule from 7am to 5pm each day.

CJB Bagging is already considering installing V300+ printers onto two other bagging lines.

Domino V-Series thermal transfer overlay printers are available in Australia through insignia .

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