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BarTender Version 9.0 labelling software available from insignia

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insignia , distributors of barcode software BarTender, have announced that the barcode software has become simpler to use. Seagull Scientific's BarTender Version 9.0 improves on earlier editions making it suitable for all barcode applications.

The following are the new features of the BarTender Version 9.0 software:

  • Reprint
  • Media usage tracking
  • Enterprise print management

The following features and modules are now available in the BarTender Label Management Suite:

Printer Maestro delivers true enterprise print management: Front and centre in version 9.0 is the ‘Printer Maestro’ application for enterprise print management, which delivers a variety of powerful print management functions using Windows' native functionality. For example, the BarTender Label Management Suite provides users of any Windows program (not just BarTender) with a single application window in which to view the status of all printers and print jobs for all computers on a network.

Printer media usage and parts inventory tracking: The Enterprise Print Server edition of Printer Maestro adds printer media usage tracking, providing users on-screen ’meters’ that show the quantity of labels and ribbon remaining for each printer. The inventory of printer media and printer parts, such as heads, memory, font cartridges, can also be maintained in the associated inventory module. E-mail and text message alerts can automatically be transmitted to warn about low media in printers and low inventory in storerooms. Resellers can even set themselves up to be copied, so that they can learn when users may be low on printer supplies and ready for new stock.

Detailed logging to a database: The Version 9.0 of BarTender introduces detailed logging of print job information and application messages to a database. To support high-security audits, logged information includes who printed each job, any warnings or errors that may have been generated, what label data was printed, and an optional software-generated image of each label.

Inspect and audit past print jobs using History Explorer: Seagull's new History Explorer application makes it easy to search through print job information and messages stored in the BarTender system database and ‘drill down’ into selected records for a closer look. Inspect print job times, label data, label images, error messages, and a wealth of additional information

Reprint lost or damaged labels: The Reprint Console application allows users to navigate through past print jobs and select any combination of labels for reprinting. History Explorer also offers some label reprint functionality, although not as extensive as Reprint Console.

New ".NET" SDKs for Controlling BarTender: Two new software development kits (SDKs) allow C# and VB.NET developers to rapidly add BarTender label printing functionality to other programs.

New integration features: The Version 9.0 BarTender has the following features for integration with other softwares, such as new ActiveX automation capabilities, XML script capabilities and commander capabilities.

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