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TECU Fume and Dust Filters available from Inquip

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TECU Fume and Dust Filters are ideal for use with sheet metal processing machines. They are an excellent solution to market needs in terms of quality, maintenance, safety, and environmental protection. They are available from Inquip .

TECU Fume and Dust Filters are designed for suction and collection of fumes and dust generated by sheet metal processing machines.

TECU Fume and Dust Filters consist of a Stand-alone unit with dust collecting hopper and integrated fan, a Reverse air jet cleaning system, and a Polygonal shaped casing, horizontally inserted filter elements.

Features of TECU Fume and Dust Filters:

  • Interchangeable standard filter cartridges
  • Horizontally mounted easy and safe-to-extract filter cartridges
  • Spun-bonded antistatic polyester filter media for cutting fumes and grinding applications (type FLG and FLR)
  • Cellulose filter media for welding fume applications (type FLD)
  • Air jet cleaning system with "Full Immersion" solenoid valves incorporated in aluminium air tank
  • Quick hatch openings with captive bolts
  • Easy access to solenoid valves from outside
  • Antistatic B.I.A.-certified filter media
  • Spun-bounded filter media
  • Spark trap for fire prevention
  • Operator not in contact with dust
  • Avoids dust dispersion
  • Multi-functional electronic control panel with electronic differential pressure meter
  • Integrated centrifugal fan
  • Powder coated mild steel filter casing
  • Powder coated mild steel dust collection hopper with bin
  • Washable long-life filter cartridges

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