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Inoxpa magnetic agitators for pharma processes

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Inoxpa Australia presents magnetic agitators designed to provide a highly hygienic solution for several applications involving a wide range of media in the pharmaceutical industry.

Especially useful in sterile processes including dispersion, dissolution, homogenisation and mixing, the agitators don’t have any mechanical seals, preventing any contact with the exterior environment. Inoxpa magnetic agitators are commonly used for the dissolution of glucose in demineralised water, maintenance of vaccine suspensions’ homogeneity, and agitation of blood fractions among others.

Operating principle

When solids or liquids are added into the vortex created by the agitator, they are transferred straight to the rotor, which transforms the axial movement of the medium into a radial acceleration from the centre of the rotor towards the wall of the vessel. The added medium is well distributed ensuring homogeneous mixing.

Design and features

Key features of Inoxpa magnetic agitators include high blending capacity with low shear; magnetic coupling eliminating any risk of leakage; CIP/SIP design; bayonet coupling for easy assembly/disassembly of the drive unit; low power consumption; effective blending even of small volumes; very low particle generation; bottom mounting, excellent for suspensions; and autoclavable agitating element. 

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