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Based on GS1 standards, GDSN certified data pools such as 1WorldSync, TrueSource, and GS1net (NPC/DHBNC) enable trading partners within the retail supply chain to synchronize their product information effectively for new product introduction and product maintenance.

In some markets (Australia, New Zealand, and soon in EMEA), data pools also provide secure access to commercially sensitive information including pricing, promotion, trading terms, and the locations of products and services. To support companies participating in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), Innovit has developed a range of iICE data synchronization solutions certified by GS1 for communication with many of the leading GDSN certified data pools (such as 1WorldSync, GS1net (NPC / DHBNC), and TrueSource).

These tools allow suppliers and distributors to easily prepare and publish their product information to these data pools. For data recipients (Retailers), iICE allows product data from data pools to be sourced, validated, and then synchronized with internal business systems utilizing GDSN‑optimized approval workflow functionality native to the iICE family of products.

Innovit is a leading provider of software solutions for MDM (Master Data Management), PIM (Product Information Management) and GDSN (Global Data Synchronization). Innovit’s systems deliver automated workflow management and enforce control over master data accuracy and consistency.

Boasting over 155 implementations worldwide, Innovit’s experience extends across a range of different industries including Food, Alcoholic Beverages, Groceries, Healthcare, Office Products, Automotive Aftermarket, Industrial & Safety Supplies, Electrical Supplies and Hardlines. This wealth of industry knowledge allows Innovit to help our clients improve their efficiencies around validating and managing product master data.

As a GDSN software provider, Innovit is certified for 1WorldSync, plus a number of other GDSN data pools around the world that are operated by GS1 Member Organizations (e.g. United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand etc.). For GUDID submissions, we leverage 1WorldSync’s data pool as a conduit to connect with the FDA’s Electronic Submission Gateway

Innovit GDSN solutions;

  • Certified to support GDSN data pools such as 1WorldSync, GS1net (NPC / DHBNC), and TrueSource
  • Proven expertise in delivering sustainable and successful GDSN projects
  • Supports the GS1 standards with partnerships in place with GS1 member organizations all across the world
  • Global brands across numerous industry sectors trust Innovit solutions
  • Supports the global requirements for UDI and Eucomed.

Download a free copy of Innovit’s iICE Validator for GDSN from

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