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Security communication products and enclosures from Inner Range

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The security communication products from Inner Range are provided under the brand name Fratech. Fratech electronics is one of the major players which provide electronic security solutions to the electronic industry.

These security communication products are manufactured by the professionals at Inner Range with utmost care. These products include digital alarm receivers to be used at central stations, global systems for mobile communication backup units and IP alarm monitoring equipment.

All the security communication products offered by Inner Range are known for their innovation, quality and reliability. These products are designed and based on recent security alarm transmission technologies.

Various low profile enclosures are also designed and provided by Inner Range. These enclosures are specifically designed to suit Concept 4000 module printed circuit boards (PCBs). These low profile metal enclosures are application-oriented and modular solutions that cater to the various requirements of the users regarding installation.

The low profile enclosures of three different sizes help minimising the wall space. Both powered and un-powered versions of low profile enclosures are available from Inner Range. These enclosures are medium duty enclosures that are coated with powder.

Inner Range provides the low profile enclosures with removable and hinged lid. The punch out holes in an enclosure enables users to access the bottom and top of the enclosure. These enclosures have mounted bollards and modules that are mounted using specific spring mounting clips to accommodate screws.

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