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Testo 882 thermal imagers available from INLINE Systems

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Available from INLINE Systems , the Testo 882 thermal imager offers extremely high resolution and precise infrared images.

Featuring 76,800 temperature measuring points, the Testo 882 thermal imagier allows the user to see every detail on the measured object, making it easy to detect anomalies and weaknesses from greater distances.

Key features of the Testo 882 thermal imager include:

  • a 32° standard lens that allows users to immediately record large image sections and provide a full overview of the temperature distribution of the measurement object
  • a temperature resolution of <60 mK makes even the smallest temperature differences visible
  • an integrated voice recording feature allows users to record comments on any infrared image, which are then stored together with the thermal image
  • a built-in digital camera with power LEDs that stores a parallel real image of the measurement site with optimum illumination of dark areas
  • special measurement mode for detecting areas with danger of mould
  • optical colour alarm that shows up critical temperature areas easily and directly in the thermal imager's display
  • minimum and maximum values of an image section can be determined live directly on site and at a glance
  • germanium lens protection glass that protects the optics from dirt and scratching
  • measuring range up to 550°C optionally possible.

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