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HEINE SF6-1000 semi-flexible endoscope from INLINE Systems

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article image The HEINE SF6-1000 semi-flexible 6mm endoscopes

INLINE Systems  provide the HEINE SF6-1000 semi-flexible 6mm fibre optic endoscopes. These endoscopes are immersible in approved fluids such as water and oil. The lens in these HEINE SF6-1000 semi-flexible endoscopes do non fog and heat is not generated at the tip of the instrument. These products are available as portable applications with either Accubox or battery handle.

The features of the SF 6 endoscope include:

  • Bright light with 3.5 V and 12 V versions, which are 8 times as bright as conventional endoscopes and 20 times as bright when used in combination with the HK 7000 F.O. Projector
  • High-resolution image guide with 7400 single fibres that can produce a high-resolution image
  • Large 50° opening angle that ensures a large field of view
  • Multi-coated, high- resolution achromatic optics provide a sharply focused image that covers the entire field of view ‘edge-to-edge’
  • Compact rod lenses for high light transmission
  • Continuously focusable eyepiece ensures absolutely sharp images

HEINE battery packs and accessories (e.g. camera adaptors) fit all of the new generation HEINE SF–Endoscopes from INLINE Systems. Conventional Fibre Optic projectors and light guides from other manufacturers can also be connected to the HEINE F.O. Endoscopes using standard adaptors.

The accessories for the SF 6 Endoscope include:

  • Camera adaptor
  • Angled side view adaptor
  • Light guide
  • HK7000 F.O. Projector

Specifications of the SF 6-1000 semi-flexible endoscope include:

  • Working length: 1m
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Radius of curvature: 30mm
  • Brightness: Up to 120 000 lx at a distance of 16mm
  • Working distance: 10mm to infinity
  • Direction of view: 0°
  • Attachable angled side-view adaptors, optional
  • Accessory: 90° and 110°

The light and power supply options:

  • 3.5 V version: Battery handle with three LR 14
  • Alkaline batteries - 10hr operating time with new set of batteries
  • 12 V version: Connecting cord for cigarette lighter socket (5m)
  • 12 V version: Rechargeable Battery Pack (Accubox I) with light intensity control
  • 220 V version: F.O. projector HK 7000 with light guide, optimal white light

An AV Adaptor is required for the 3.5 V and 12 V versions.

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