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Server-embedded anti-spam technology

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KERIO Technologies, represented by Infotronics , has implemented Microsoft Caller ID anti-spam technology in a commercial email server. Good test results of Caller ID technology prompted Kerio to include it in its new messaging solution, Kerio MailServer 5.7.8.

Kerio is the first company to offer Microsoft's Caller ID in a commercial mail server. The anti-spam industry has seen many ill-fated attempts to devise universal spam-fighting technology but Caller ID has three advantages. It is straightforward to implement and does not require any central authority to maintain classification of spam. It allows for gradual adoption by the industry and it is being promoted by Microsoft and Hotmail.

Caller ID complements existing anti-spam technologies such as Directory Harvest Attack protection and SpamEliminator content analysis. Kerio has developed secure mail servers for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Caller ID helps uncover whether the email message is really coming from who it says it is. S is dependant on whether mail server vendors and IT administrators will work together to adopt the technology. Spammers know that people are more likely to open and read messages from someone they trust. They therefore try to hijack the identity of reputable sources to send spam email that would otherwise be discarded.

Kerio has implemented Caller ID in Kerio MailServer, its messaging offering for small and medium sized businesses. To help promote the technology, Kerio has set up a webpage for checking domains for Caller ID information at www.kerio.com/callerid.

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