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Web based system for managing oil samples from Infotrak

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Infotrak  develops and deploys different software packages by using various software tools. Infotrak provides complete services to its customers which include software development, software testing and software maintenance.

One of the software package provided by Infotrak include Oil Commander. The Oil Commander software from Infotrak is a complete web based system for managing oil samples through the laboratory process and finally its results can be viewed by the customers.

Oil Commander software comprises of two main sections viz laboratory information management system and
customer viewing tools.

Functionalities provided by laboratory information management system module include sample registration including bar code scanning, auto interpreter for auto evaluation of results, interpretation screens for further evaluation comments, further testing where test results meet certain levels and so on.

The customer viewing tool of Oil Commander provides sample details, full history, graphing, messaging, print labels, model comparison, print details and so on.

Some of the major benefits of using Oil Commander from Infotrak include access from anywhere through Internet, easy to use, history of all communications and actions logged, full accountability and trace ability.

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