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Industrial Conveying Australia implements automated distribution system for Coca Cola Amatil

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Industrial Conveying Australia (ICA) has implemented its automated distribution system for Coca Cola Amati. ICA's expansion into the widespread materials handling solutions market has gained even more momentum through a turnkey solution for Coca-Cola Amatil.

With transport being a key component of Coca-Cola's distribution system, ICA was commissioned to design and manufacture as well as implement loading and unloading facilities at two sites in Victoria for its beverages operation. Installations were undertaken at both the existing production facility, located in Moorabbin, and the new distribution warehouse in Mentone.

Coca Cola’s requirements were for a system that will be able to pre-arrange product to conform to transportation requirements and load/unload palletised product in an efficient and reliable way, as well as reduce time and handling costs associated with existing/standard practices.

ICA designed, manufactured and implemented two types of docks - Route Docks and General Docks - to meet schedules servicing local small businesses as well as supermarket chains.

ICA was able to deliver a rapid turnkey result because it was based in Australia, and was hence able to significantly reduce the turnaround time compared to what an offshore supplier could deliver.

Route Docks operate using a specially designed air skate system that engages with a specialised flat-floor trailer configuration with inbuilt air guide rails for the loading of product.

With the General Docks, a chain conveyor system combined with an air operated powered chain floor trailer facilitates both loading and unloading of product.

The docks receive product from an automated conveyor-driven delivery system that rapidly forms the pallets into complete pre-arranged trailer loads, allowing trailers to be loaded in a turnaround time of 2-3 minutes.

The software link between both depots is in real-time so that plant management is kept constantly up-to-date with quantities of product movement.

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