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ICA releases new Skate and Track truck loading system

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Industrial Conveying Australia (ICA) has released a new Skate and Track truck loading system, which allows 33% faster end-loading of enclosed freight and refrigerated trucks to achieve average loading and unloading of 2.5 tonnes per minute per operator.

Skate and Track truck loading system has manually elevated rolling skates with manual and automatic brakes running in special sunken tracks to load and unload pallets, slip sheets, newsprint rolls, drums, cartons, cans, containers, and heavy and large machinery.

The loading system offers maximum space utilisation, does not require power and causes no product damage. This tracked system guarantees 12mm repeat positioning of the load from the walls and ceiling, and eliminates the need for tie downs and shortening poles. Use of cubic space is maximised without damage to the goods being shipped.

Skates running in specially formed tracks self-centre the skates each time they are used; lowering the manual effort required. By tilting the truck using air suspension adjustment, or chock insertion under the wheels, the system can self-load/unload reducing manual effort levels even further.

Skate and Track’s manually operated braking and automatic overrun braking ensures the operator is always in control. The system has been proven in use for over 30 years and is currently operating in 30 countries

Skate and Track system meets the European health and safety directive 90/296/EEC, and Quality standard ISO 9901:1994 ensuring both safety, and quality.

Minimal maintenance is required as the skate self cleans the track as it loads and unloads, and the system is versatile enough to extend across the tail-lift, or permit conventional loading when required.

Skate lengths are available from 600mm to 2000mm and skate lift capacities of 2.0, 2.5, 3.5 tonnes per pair. Tracking is available in high yield galvanised steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

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