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Cooling and beverage dispensing equipment from IMI Cornelius Australia

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IMI Cornelius Australia  is a company which supplies cooling and beverage dispensing equipment. IMI Cornelius Australia manufactures and distributes beer dispensers, beverage dispensing units, juice and tea dispensers, ice makers, frozen beverage dispensers and related accessories.

IMI Cornelius Australia has about seventy years of experience in this industry and it offers innovative solutions and refrigeration concepts. IMI Cornelius Australia has nearly twelve plants in six countries and this company is a subsidiary of IMI plc which is a British based company.

The products offered by IMI Cornelius Australia include ice makers, cooling and carbonation equipment, refrigerated food service equipment, beverage dispensers and so on. IMI Cornelius Australia also offers a number of services apart from these products.

Remanufacturing is one of the services provided by IMI Cornelius Australia. Through this service old refrigeration units are completely broken down to reassemble a new equipment. IMI Cornelius Australia inspects all the parts of the old unit up to the component level and replaces the worn out or old parts.

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