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Industrial filtration equipment available from IMatech

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With the innovative, fully automatic self-cleaning industrial filtration and magnetic separation technology Zero Gravity Filters (ZGF), Imatech offers good self-cleaning solids removal technology for water and metal working fluids.

ZGF filters provide a lasting solution with minimal maintenance requirements for the protection of downstream plant, processes and products.

The chemical-free water treatment system VRTX drives chemistry and destroys micro-organisms without the use of chemicals.

VRTX has demonstrated effective and continuous control of bacteria, scale and corrosion.

In many cases VRTX can significantly reduce water consumption by allowing the tower to operate at higher cycles of concentration than would be possible with conventional methods of water treatment.

Industrial filtration equipment available from Imatech includes:

  • Chemical free water treatment
  • Self cleaning filters, and
  • Self-cleaning magnetic separators

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