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Imatech’s proprietary ArmorPIPE™ solutions are a full range of engineered abrasion resistant pipes, bends and fittings internally coated with Imatech’s high-quality abrasion-resistant BXR and MXR ceramic reinforced composites.

Abrasion Resistant Piping Solutions
Imatech's innovative engineered ArmorPIPE™ pipeline solutions provide an unsurpassed level of wear resistance to pipes, bends and fittings in abrasive material transport applications.

Through its unique design and production principles, these pipelines can deliver a whole range of spools, bends, y-pieces, tees and any other intricate fittings to suit yourproject needs.

Features of the ArmorPIPE™ Piping Systems

  • Available as off-the shelf components in various standard sizes and dimensions
  • Can be custom designed and manufactured for unique customer needs
  • Provides an unsurpassed level of wear resistance
  • Tested under extreme abrasive conditions
  • Suitable for high value and critical industrial processes
  • An economic solution compared to traditional systems
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18/07/11 - Imatech recently upgraded the vertical casings for hydraulic filling at a mining and minerals processing site near Mt Isa, Queensland, using its ArmorPIPE composite materials.
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29/08/08 - Imatech distribute ImaSAFE range of non-slip surfaces suitable for installation in wet, oily and dry conditions.
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23/04/08 - With the innovative, fully automatic self-cleaning industrial filtration and magnetic separation technology Zero Gravity Filters (ZGF), Imatech offers good self-cleaning solids removal technology for water and metal working fluids.
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22/04/08 - Imatech’s Chesterton Advanced Reinforced Composites (ARC) materials protect, enhance and improve performance of equipment handling abrasive slurries, dry powders and turbulent fluids.
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06/09/07 - Imatech’s ImaGAUGE mechanical wear monitor provides a quick and easy way to check the condition of the internal lining in pipes, bends and complex fittings in the Imatech ArmorPIPE range.
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