Vibration & bearing condition monitoring and diagnostic systems

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  • Online vibration diagnosis – optimum price / performance ratio.
  • Decentralised monitoring of plant and equipment integrated into the machine.
  • Compact field units and modular control cabinet units.
  • Digital and analogue alarm outputs.
  • Standard data interface (OPC).

Diagnostic systems
efector octavis is a vibration monitor which not only detects vibration data, but also carries out signal analysis and machine diagnosis directly on the machine. The machine condition is determined and is forwarded to the PLC or to SCADA software. It fulfils the main requirements for modern machine monitoring: compatibility, modularity and transferable configuration.

Compatible and modular
The compatibility with data structures such as the OPC interface makes it possible to integrate condition data into a higher-level system. With the requirement for modularity the user can define the extent of condition monitoring to be implemented – this means the complete range of diagnosis is possible right from the “first unit”. Transferable configuration is attained with application-related parameter sets. A wizard function in the software guides the user through creating, managing and archiving the monitoring parameters.

Trend memory
All units of the octavis family type VN / VSE feature an internal trend memory which ensures detailed analysis and optimisation of the application even without external data recording. The storage intervals are freely selectable. This means that the storage length of the non volatile ring-memory is adjusted to the requirements.

The suitable system for your application:
Standard vibration characteristic values / permanent machine protection: VSE, VN, VK, VT
Internal trend memory / root cause analysis: VSE, VN
Online diagnosis / early damage detection: VSE
Network capability of the system: VSE

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