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Modular mini controller with high-current relay outputs for mobile machines
28.11.2015 - ifm offers ecomatmobile Basic consisting of the components BasicRelay, BasicController and BasicDisplay that are adapted to each other.
ifm efector launches new inductive sensors with correction factor K=1
26.11.2015 - ifm efector announces a new range of compact inductive sensors developed particularly for factory automation.
ifm PN pressure sensor wins iF and Red Dot Design Award
07.10.2015 - The PN pressure sensor from ifm efector has won two prestigious international design awards – the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.
ifm efector releases new compact vortex flow meters with user-friendly TFT display
06.10.2015 - ifm efector has launched a new range of space-saving vortex flow meters designed to inform the user quickly and clearly about the current volumetric flow.
New reliable and precise level sensors for hygienic applications
05.10.2015 - ifm efector presents a new range of fluid sensors designed specifically for demanding applications in the food industry.
New pressure-resistant sensors for hydraulic cylinders detect ferromagnetic metals
01.10.2015 - ifm efector has introduced new pressure-resistant sensors designed for use in harsh applications in the mechanical engineering or process industry.
Extended intelligent functions differentiating new ifm encoders in motion control applications
29.09.2015 - ifm efector has introduced a new range of encoders designed to provide a real alternative to traditional photoelectric encoders.
ifm releases smart 3D sensors for mobile machines
27.09.2015 - ifm efector presents the new O3M151 sensor designed to open up a new dimension in sensor technology.
Next Generation Technology Solving Proximity Switch Issues
23.06.2015 - ​In order to maintain a competitive advantage within the manufacturing arena, businesses that employ innovative technologies designed to improve
RFID an Industry Must-Have for Accurate Product Identification & Traceability
22.06.2015 - ​In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced global manufacturing arena, supply chains are becoming longer and more complex while consumers are
Why I/O-Link is a Manufacturing Mainstay
22.06.2015 - ​In the highly competitive landscape that is manufacturing, businesses that catch onto the specific technologies being designed to improve production
New ifm high performance pressure transmitters for small spaces
06.11.2014 - ifm efector introduces its latest range of pressure transmitters offering a compact design, high performance, short response time and a favourable price.
TA series temperature transmitters with IO-Link featuring compact design and short response time
05.11.2014 - ifm efector introduces a new range of temperature transmitters featuring a space-saving compact design.
ifm efector releases new temperature transmitters with IO-Links
04.11.2014 - ifm efector introduces a new range of temperature transmitters featuring a display and IO-Link for food applications.
New compact ifm photoelectric sensors now also in a plastic housing
15.10.2014 - ifm efector introduces their latest O6 type photoelectric sensors featuring a stable plastic housing.
New O2M camera system for mobile machines ensures operating and rear area monitoring
14.10.2014 - ifm efector introduces a new camera system designed for effective operating and rear area monitoring when using mobile machines.
New ifm optical particle monitor for continuous oil condition monitoring
03.09.2014 - ifm efector introduces a new optical particle monitor designed to assess the degree of cleanliness or level of contamination in fluids.
ifm’s compact infrared temperature sensors for non contact measurement
02.09.2014 - ifm efector introduces a new range of infrared temperature sensors for non-contact temperature measurement in process applications.
ifm’s VSE vibration sensors providing condition monitoring, machine protection and process monitoring
01.09.2014 - The new MEMS-based VSE vibration sensors from ifm efector help enhance diagnostics and monitoring of vibrations signals.
ifm efector releases new condition monitoring machines for plant equipment
28.08.2014 - ifm efector introduces a condition monitoring system designed to monitor online, the overall vibration condition of machines according to ISO 10816.
New ifm pressure sensor combines reliability and user-friendly features with new look
26.08.2014 - ifm efector has introduced a new range of process sensors featuring the proven ifm quality, increased user-friendly operation, and a new look.
ifm efector introduce stainless steel metal face inductive sensors for food and beverage applications
21.10.2008 - ifm efector have launched a new line of sensors and connectors designed for food and beverage applications. The new 316 stainless steel, metal face sensor line is designed and tested to provide reliable position indication in harsh food and beverage
AS-interface from ifm efector
19.06.2008 - AS-interface from ifm efector provides ease of communication up to a high level, and is a manufacturer independent standard for connection of sensors and transmitters, providing high reliability and machine uptime.
ifm efector launches pump diagnostic pressure sensors
18.06.2008 - ifm efector has launched a new line of pump diagnostic pressure sensors that detect potential pump damage caused by cavitation, trapped air or gas, blockages and deposits.
ifm efector launches magnetic-inductive inline flow sensor
17.06.2008 - ifm efector’s new magnetic-inductive inline flow sensor (efector mid) with flow rate, totalising and temperature indication can be adapted to different conditions due to its flexible programming.
ifm efector introduces new line of pump diagnostic pressure sensors
27.03.2008 - ifm efector introduces a new line of pump diagnostic pressure sensors that detect potential pump damage caused by cavitation, trapped air or gas, blockages and deposits.
Magnetic-inductive inline volumetric flow sensor from ifm efector
06.03.2008 - ifm efector’s new magnetic-inductive inline flow sensor (efector mid) with flow rate, totalising and temperature indication can be adapted to different conditions due to its flexible programming.
ifm efector to release new sensor and control solutions for automation at NMW 2008
28.02.2008 - ifm efector will display a number of new sensor and control products on stand 5310 during National Manufacturing Week at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 27 to 30.
ifm efector opens online ordering system
19.10.2007 - Australian and New Zealand customers can register for e-shop, ifm efector's online ordering system.
New safety relay available from ifm efector
11.10.2007 - The new G1501S safety relay from ifm efector can be used with many different devices, helping keep stocks to a minimum.
ifm efector releases new series photoelectric sensor
07.09.2007 - The O4 photoelectric sensor is available as a diffuse reflection sensor with background suppression, through-beam sensor and retro-reflective sensor with polarisation filter.
ifm efector to showcase ecolink M12 connector at NMW 2007
09.04.2007 - ifm efector will launch an online ordering system, as well as display its new ecolink M12 connector product line on Stand 5006 during National Manufacturing Week 2007 at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, from May 22 to 25.
ifm efector introduces e-shop
03.04.2007 - ifm efector has introduced e-shop, to be launched at National Manufacturing Week in Melbourne.
RF identification system available from ifm efector
27.03.2007 - RF identification system for production control from ifm efector is an industrially compatible identification system.
ifm introduces efector octavis for successful predictive maintenance programs
19.03.2007 - efector octavis evaluates vibration signals using the methods of frequency analysis.
SI5 type flow sensors available from ifm efector
08.01.2007 - The new SI5 type flow sensors from ifm efector ensure high reliability in harsh environments.
Identification and coding with AS-interface
23.06.2006 - THE RF identification system for production control from ifm efector is an industrially compatible identification system in 125kHz technology. It allows coding of workpiece carriers in routing conveyors. The RFID is quick and easy to set-up, compact,
New photocells
14.06.2006 - There is a new standard: A photocell with excellent performance at a very low price! High-quality technology as well as extraordinary features allow its use in almost all industrial areas. The system offers extremely long sensing ranges.
Low cost optical distance measurement
12.05.2006 - IFM efector's pmd received the prestigious Hermes 2005 award in Germany. It is designed for distance measurement to within a millimetre at high ranges, operating on the time-of-flight principle.
Portable five-gas analyser
09.08.2005 - FUJI Electric will shortly introduce the world’s first mobile 5-gas (NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4 or O2) that can continuously measure for five days - the model ZSV. This analyser sets itself apart from its competitors. According to Fuji Electric, other po
Industrial control networking system
11.02.2005 - IFM efector has released the Actual Sensor-interface. The AS-interface is a simple networking system for connecting actuators and sensors. Industrial automation systems require large amounts of control devices, with the number of binary actuators and
Machine operating condition monitoring
03.02.2005 - THE new efector octavis from IFM efector recognises, displays and continuously monitors, and signals, machine operating condition. Rolling element bearings are probably the commonest element to be found on the shop floor.
Rolling element bearing monitoring device
12.01.2005 - IFM Efector has released the Octavis rolling element bearing monitor. It is designed to be permanently mounted on a pump, spindle, compressor or fan.
Fibre optics resist heat, chemicals and impact
10.01.2005 - IFM Efector has released a range of glass fibreoptics that can withstand temperatures up to 290ºC and fibres that will withstand many aggressive chemicals found in industry while protecting the glass
Compressed air monitoring
22.12.2004 - IFM Efector has released the Efector Metris calorimetric mass flow meters for compressed air monitoring.
Actuator sensor interface
22.12.2004 - IFM Efector has the AS-interface, a simple networking system for connecting actuators and sensors.
Miniature photoelectric sensor
22.12.2004 - IFM Efector has released the OPG miniature photoelectric sensor OJPG. The system can detect clear objects.
Electronic PK pressure switch
16.12.2004 - GERMAN company ifm efector has brought out another significant new product, the electronic PK pressure switch. The new and improved product now incorporates thick film gauge technology on welded measuring cells.
Self-adjusting capacitive sensors
01.11.2002 - SPECIALLY designed for level sensing applications with liquids, granules and powders, the new KN family of capacitive sensors from ifm efector incorporates a dedicated microprocessor system which makes the sensors self adjusting.
Welding equipment proximity sensors
01.11.2002 - IFM efector, has released a new range of inductive proximity sensors for welding equipment applications. The new sensors have a tough, all-over PTFE-based coating which prevents the adherence of weld spatter.
One monitor does work of four
31.07.2002 - WITH four independently adjustable set-point outputs, the new TR8 temperature monitor from ifm efector offers savings on mounting, wiring and space in applications requiring comprehensive, accurate and reliable temperature control.
Solid state pressure, level and temperature sensors
31.07.2002 - IFM efector, is now supplying a complete range of solid state pressure, level and temperature sensors which offer benefits to users of hydraulic power packs. The pressure sensors are highly resistant to over-pressure damage, while a single level sens
High operating switch-mode power supplies
31.07.2002 - FIVE new switch-mode power supplies from ifm efector combine high operating efficiency and compact dimensions with high levels of EMC performance. Designed for operation from three-phase supplies between 400V and 500V, the new units have outputs adju
Ac flow monitors for liquids and gases
08.05.2002 - DESIGNED for easy and inexpensive interfacing with relay-based pump control and protection systems, the new ac version of ifm efector's popular SI flow monitor is ideal for use with both liquids and gases. The new units are suitable for operation fr
Electronic level sensor
08.03.2001 - IFM efector has introduced the new LK electronic level sensors which incorporate significant benefits for a broad range of industrial applications.
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