High resolution 3D sensor for innovative vision integration

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Three-dimensional real-time detection of any scene

* New digital image chip with 23,000 pixels

* Provides distance image and grey-scale image

* Evaluation with common image processing libraries

* Industrially compatible housing

* Connection to MATLAB, HALCON, PCL (Point Cloud Library) and ROS (Robot Operating System)

Three-dimensional detection and evaluation

The 3D camera, on the basis of PMD technology, detects scenes and objects at a glance in three dimensions. In contrast to laser scanners it does not require moving components and is thus robust and wear-free.

The function principle, the time of flight technology (ToF), can be compared to a laser scanner. However, instead of one there are 23,000 receiving elements arranged on the chip as a matrix. That means that not only one point but a complete scene is measured in only one capture. Besides the distance image the camera also provides a grey-scale image of the scene.

Intuitive parameter setting software allows easy setting of the camera-specific parameters. Furthermore a software development kit with example program code in different languages is available. 

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