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Extended intelligent functions differentiating new ifm encoders in motion control applications

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article image New encoders with extended functions

ifm efector has introduced a new range of encoders designed to provide a real alternative to traditional photoelectric encoders.

New features such as magnetic operating principles in combination with unique signal evaluation supported by powerful microcontrollers allow extended, intelligent functions, making the encoders flexible for different applications in the field of motion control. The display, operating keys, and user-friendly parameter setting and diagnostics via IO-Link make them unique.

Three operating modes

ifm’s new encoders support three operating modes. They can be used as incremental encoders with resolution freely set between 2 and 10,000 pulses/revolution. Secondly, the units can also be used as counters with users allowed to select direction of counting (up/down) and switch points. The third operating mode is used for rotational speed monitoring where the user sets a rotational speed range and the outputs switch when the current value is above or below the limit values. This means the encoders operate automatically as rotational speed or standstill monitoring systems.

Display ensures a clear overview

All functions and parameters can be set on the encoder via pushbuttons and an LED display with the current pulse, count or rotational speed values displayed according to the set mode during operation. The two colours (red/green) showing the user at once if the machine is in the acceptable range or if limit values have been exceeded, is an innovation. Additionally, the display can be rotated electronically by 180 degrees allowing flexible installation positions. The parameters can also be set directly on the new encoders as well as in a user-friendly way via IO-Link. These options of communication ensure that the units are more than suitable for Industry 4.0.

Practical use orientation

The new encoders feature high shock and vibration resistance enabling use in harsh environment applications. The cable entry or the rotatable M12 connection for connector units can be used both radially and axially. The suitable encoder is selected based on the matching flange and the shaft, with everything else freely configurable by the user. A basic version is available for those who use the unit as an encoder and do not need the pushbuttons and display. This version can also be set completely via IO-Link.


ifm once again sets new standards in encoder development, making users ready for Industry 4.0 with extended functions, full IO-Link support and a reduced number of versions thanks to free configurability.

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