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article image Ifm’s range of PTFE-coated inductive proximity sensors.

IFM efector has released a new range of inductive proximity sensors for welding equipment applications.

The new sensors have a tough, all-over PTFE-based coating which prevents the adherence of weld spatter.

This means that not only the sensing face, but the whole of the of the threaded body, is unaffected by spatter build-up, ensuring the sensor can always be re-positioned or removed without difficulty.

In addition to the special coating, the sensors use ifm's weld-field immune technology which guarantees reliable operation, even in close proximity to conductors carrying the high currents used in arc and resistance welding.

In tests carried out by the company, performance was unaffected by cables carrying 21,000A positioned only 30mm from the sensor.

Four versions of the new sensor are available, with threaded bodies from 12 to 30mm diameter, and nominal sensing ranges from 2 to 10mm. All types are supplied complete with special fixing nuts which are also PTFE coated.

Ifm spatter-resistant sensors are suitable for operation from dc supplies of between 10 and 36V, and have normally open pnp transistor outputs capable of switching load currents of up to 250mA.

All types incorporate LED switching status indicators as an aid to positioning, and are protection-rated to IP65 or IP67, depending upon the type of connector used.

The operating temperature range of the units is -25° to +80°C.

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