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Solid state pressure, level and temperature sensors

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article image ifm's comprehensive range of solid-state pressure, level and temperature sensors offers big benefits for users of hydraulic power packs.

IFM efector , is now supplying a complete range of solid state pressure, level and temperature sensors which offer benefits to users of hydraulic power packs.

The pressure sensors are highly resistant to over-pressure damage, while a single level sensor from the ifm range can do the work of two or more conventional level probes.

The temperature sensors combine accuracy and fast response with rugged, oil-resistant construction.

The pressure sensors use ceramic sensing cells which can withstand high levels of static and transient over-pressure without sustaining damage.

The sensors incorporate a pressure display, which means that they can be easily set, without the need to use a separate pressure gauge.

Users of these pressure sensors have complete control over switching differential, which means, in most applications, a single sensor can be used for both high-and low-pressure sensing.

The high accuracy, combined with excellent long and short-term stability offered means pressure can be maintained to closer tolerances, and the power pack motor never runs unnecessarily.

This provides valuable energy savings, as well as reducing wear and tear on the installation.

ifm's new LK Series sensors are designed for insertion from the top of the hydraulic fluid reservoir, rather than from the side, reducing the number of potential leakage points.

The sensors, which have no moving parts, compensate automatically for the build-up of contaminants on their surface, thereby virtually eliminating the need for maintenance.

In addition, LK sensors provide two switching points, each with adjustable hysteresis. This means, in many applications, only one LK sensor is needed to monitor high-high, high, low, and low-low fluid levels.

ifm temperature sensors for hydraulic power pack applications incorporate seven-segment readouts, giving a continuous display of fluid temperature, and can easily be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The displays also serve as an aid to setting, which is a speedy and simple operation, thanks to ifm's pushbutton adjustment system.

Temperature sensors are available with dual switching outputs, or with a single switching output plus an analog output. Switching outputs can be set for normally open or normally closed operation, and switching hysteresis is fully adjustable.

All hydraulic power pack sensing products from ifm efector are designed for easy installation, and to withstand the rigours of long-term operation in demanding industrial environments.

The units typically have an IP67 protection rating, and make extensive use of stainless-steel, together with other corrosion and damage-resistant materials, in their construction.

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