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Rolling element bearing monitoring device

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article image Rolling element bearing diagnosis for condition monitoring.

IFM Efector has released the Octavis rolling element bearing monitor. It is designed to be permanently mounted on a pump, spindle, compressor or fan.

It detects and signals the first indication of unbalance and damage of rolling element bearings. The diagnosis system evaluates vibration signals using frequency analysis. It is easy to install and once set up needs no ongoing maintenance. It provides continuous and decentralised monitoring, analysis and display of rolling element bearing conditions, with no expert knowledge required.

If it detects acoustic emissions, the frequency spectrum is calculated and the condition of the rolling element bearing is evaluated. The condition of the bearing can be read on site and is signalled by binary switching outputs. The switching signal can be transmitted with unscreened cables and connection to bus systems is also possible.

Bearing monitoring eliminates unpredictable machinery failures. Predictive maintenance avoids unnecessary downtime and increases the longevity of machinery.

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