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Portable five-gas analyser

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article image Can measure for five days.

FUJI Electric will shortly introduce the world’s first mobile 5-gas analyser (NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4 or O2) that can continuously measure for five days - the model ZSV.

This analyser sets itself apart from its competitors. According to Fuji Electric, other portable gas analysers can only measure for a few hours. Fuji Electric’s products are available from ifm efector .

Features of the ZSV include:

* Measuring gas and range: 0 to 200ppm up to 100% CO2 (5 gases at maximum), 0 to 200ppm up to 100% CO, 0 to 500ppm up to 5000ppm NO, 0 to 500ppm up to 1% SO2, 0 to 2000ppm up to 100% CH4, 0 to 5 up to 25% O2

* Each gas range has three ranges selectable up to five times turn down

* Repeatability: +0.5% FS

* Stability(zero and span drift): +1.0% FS per day

* PC communication interface RS232C MODBUS

* 4 to 20μA or 0 to 1V dc output

* Analyser size - 204mmx 365mm x 514mm, 12kg

* Sampling module - 370mm x 365mm x 514mm, 18kg.

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