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There is a new standard: A photocell with excellent performance at a very low price!

High-quality technology as well as extraordinary features allow its use in almost all industrial areas. The system offers extremely long sensing ranges. Background suppressed units work with the highest level of precision. Three versions of the sensors are available, including Versions without setting options that are particularly suited for use in standard applications; Versions with potentiometer, for easy setting in simple applications; and Versions with teach mode. The innovative teach method is very easy to use, with complex programming no longer required.

ifm 's O5 series offers a complete component system of easy-to-use mounting sets, important in transport and conveying where features such as quick mounting and convenient connection are required. The main part is the ifm clamp that is fastened by only one screw. It keeps the sensors safely in position and at the same time guarantees free movement in all axes. Special fixtures and an adapter plate have completed this sophisticated, tried-and-tested mounting concept. These new components allow simple mounting of this new O5 series in your application, which save time and thus costs for mounting!

The high-quality technology of this all-round photocell allows its use in all areas, especially where long ranges or high switching frequencies are required for fast processes - for example, in packaging and conveying.

The high IP 67 protection rating even allows use in industrial areas prone to humidity.

The through-beam sensor with transmitter and receiver reaches a range of 20 m and can be used for the detection of objects at a very long distance.

The retro-reflective sensor with polarisation filter detects even reflecting objects at a distance of up to 7 m in conjunction with a prismatic reflector.

The diffuse reflection sensor with precise background suppression detects objects with different surface characteristics and colours at distances of up to 1.8 m, even if a highly reflective background is at a short distance behind the object.

The sophisticated mounting concept and the connector, which can be turned by 240°, allow fast, safe and cost-saving mounting of the system.

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