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Miniature photoelectric sensor

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article image Can detect clear objects.

IFM Efector has released the OPG miniature photoelectric sensor OJPG. The system can detect clear objects.

In Löningen in Germany WEG fills about 1.5 million PET bottles every day. 25,000 bottles an hour move through on six bottling lines operating in three shifts around the clock. The bottles must be detected precisely and reliably at high speed at different positions. An IFM polarised retro-reflective sensor performs this task. It is designed to detect transparent or semi-transparent foils, bottles and packaging.

The 24mm x 35mm x 11mm device has a switching frequency of 2kHz and a range of 1.5m using a prismatic reflector. The OJPG compact photocell is available with a side or front lens. This allows a high level of flexibility for installation. The retro-reflective sensor is easy to use and can be installed without being adapted to the application, leading to a considerable time and cost saving.

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