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article image Cost-effective predictive maintenance.

THE new efector octavis from IFM efector recognises, displays and continuously monitors, and signals, machine operating condition.

Rolling element bearings are probably the commonest element to be found on the shop floor.

As both a load-bearing and moving component, their condition determines the efficiency of machines yet, until now, it was very costly to monitor their condition continuously.

This unit is a cost-effective predictive maintenance vibration monitor which detects rolling element bearing failures and shaft imbalance conditions on critical plant and equipment such as pumps, motors, mixers, compressors, fans and spindles.

Octavis has the processing capability to analyse a vibration signature and to predict failures in advance by sending an alarm output signal to a PLC or relay. This can optimise machine availability and plant up-time.

Affordable sensors for condition monitoring mean monitoring is no longer restricted to the most critical bearings and you wont need extensive training in vibration frequency analysis.

The octavis monitor incorporates an accelerometer, analogue-to-digital (A/D) converter, digital signal processor (DSP) and diagnostic electronics in a compact 40x40 mm package. These electronic components enable the monitor to gather, process and interpret vibration data.

Simple configuration software is used on setup to input application parameters such as bearing types, shaft speed and output conditions via an RS232. The parameters allow octavis to monitor only critical damage frequencies in the vibration spectrum and ignore all external noise.

One efector octavis can detect up to five different rolling elements on a machine or 20 individual frequencies.

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