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Fibre optics resist heat, chemicals and impact

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article image Available in two, four, six or eight-channel variants.

IFM Efector has released a range of glass fibreoptics that can withstand temperatures up to 290ºC and fibres that will withstand many aggressive chemicals found in industry while protecting the glass from mechanical damage.

The 005000 fibreoptic amplifier now comes in versions designed to accept the glass fibres. These amplifiers have an intuitive menu and graphical display. They are available in two, four, six or eight-channel variants but always with one connecting cable for simple installation. Ranges of up to 200mm can be attained with a diffuse fibre head or 400mm in a through-beam.

One fibre can be assigned two switchpoints, allowing a window function for level control or to differentiate between two different products. Further logic functions are built in, so users can trigger an output only when another is also made, or not made in many combinations. Large buttons set below the large display make set-up simple. In operation, the single large display shows the status of all channels at once with bar graphs, while digital setting of each setpoint gives good accuracy. The sensor itself works out the best switching performance and frequency and displays it without requiring the user to select a mode beforehand. Light-on or dark-on functions can be programmed and the setting can be locked to prevent tampering. The display can be rotated by 180º.

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