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Electronic PK pressure switch

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article image Takes less than two minutes to install.

GERMAN company ifm efector has brought out another significant new product, the electronic PK pressure switch.

The new and improved product now incorporates thick film gauge technology on welded measuring cells.

Strain gauges in thick-film technology on welded measuring cells allow more than 50 million switching cycles, meaning the life of the device is extended.

This gives the PK pressure switch long-term stability and makes it suitable for a vast range of applications, including hydraulic and pneumatic applications with liquids and gases, providing feedback to a control system.

The device also has high vibration resistance suitable for compressor applications and other high vibration environments. These features make the PK pressure switch particularly suitable for use in the mining industry.

An obvious change to the PK pressure switch is the two manual setting rings. The simple switch point setting featuring the easy turn operating concept via the two setting rings saves time.

Compared to some mechanical switches that take over ten minutes to install, the PK pressure switch takes less than two minutes to install. Further, the device has a very user-friendly design, enabling the setting of the device to be done with ease.

To eliminate accidental changes being made to the settings of the device, it also features protection of the settings via locking. This increases safety, as attempts to change the settings will be met with resistance.

This device is small, ideal where space is restricted. The PK pressure switch is an effective alternative to the mechanical pressure switch, and an advantage over primitive mechanical devices is that is not prone to breakdown.

It is also economically viable as the device has both a long life and it is very affordable. Further, the high bursting pressure rating results in safer operation.

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