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article image Calorimetric mass flow meters.

IFM Efector has released the Efector Metris calorimetric mass flow meters for compressed air monitoring.

They are designed to monitor compressed air at the level of individual pieces or small groups of a plant. This is where the majority of leaks occur. The system offers manufacturing and process operations an opportunity to ensure that compressed air is used effectively.

The units come premounted in either 12.7mm or 25.4mm stainless steel pipe, designed for straightforward in-line installation in the drops and feeds to the plant floor. The monitors have integral displays which give a continuous readout of instantaneous air consumption. The displays may also be used to show peak flow rate or accumulated consumption.

The units also feature several output options. The default zero and span adjustable 4mA to 20mA analogue facilitates remote monitoring and data logging. This output can be simply reconfigured using the two buttons on the unit to provide a pulse output to interface with existing meter monitoring equipment.

An additional switched output can provide an immediate indication if the flow rate exceeds a preset value. This operating point for the switching output can be set by the user. Choosing a value just above the plant’s normal peak allows the small increases in flow caused by leaks to be readily detected. The air monitors use platinum on ceramic sensing elements with no moving parts for long-term reliability, accuracy, repeatability and fast response time.

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