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Actuator sensor interface

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article image Networking system for industrial control applications.

IFM Efector has the AS-interface, a simple networking system for connecting actuators and sensors.

Industrial automation systems require large amounts of control devices and the number of binary actuators and sensors on a typical system having increased over the years. Current methods for wiring include point-to-point connection or bus systems. These methods can prove too complex for networking simple binary devices. Point-to-point wiring is the most common method of wiring in the industry, but large wire bundles take up valuable space, installation is time consuming and troubleshooting is complex.

IFM Efector’s AS-interface eliminates wire bundles completely, with only one wire cable required, compared to one cable from each device with point-to-point wiring. Junction boxes are also eliminated and the size of the control cabinet needed is significantly reduced. The plug and play wiring supports all typologies.

The AS-interface is easy to install and features modular components that offer design flexibility. No additional software is required for the device. It offers data transfer of less than 5ms on a fully loaded system of 124 inputs and 124 outputs.

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