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Ac flow monitors for liquids and gases

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article image SI flow monitor for ac operation.

DESIGNED for easy and inexpensive interfacing with relay-based pump control and protection systems, the new ac version of ifm efector's popular SI flow monitor is ideal for use with both liquids and gases.

The new units are suitable for operation from ac supplies in the range 85V to 265V without adjustment, and feature a volt-free contact output rated at 3A, which can be connected directly into almost any control circuit.

For liquids, the new monitors have a setting range of 3 to 300cm/s, while for gases, the range is 200 to 3,000cm/s.

The functioning of the units is unaffected by media temperature gradients up to 300k/min, making them an ideal choice for use in applications involving, for example, cleaning in place (CIP), where rapid temperature changes are routinely encountered.

The monitors are also suitable for use in high-pressure applications, up to 300 bar.

To ensure maximum versatility, and minimise the number of types users need to stock, the ac versions of the SI flow monitor are designed for use with ifm efector's range of thread adaptors.

These make the units compatible with virtually all common fittings, including 1/4" BSP and Y2" BSP parallel, V4" and 1/2" NPT, and M12.

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