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Static Volt Meters available from IDM Instruments

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Model SVM2 static volt meters are available from IDM Instruments Pty Ltd as part of their test and measurement equipment.

IDM’s static volt meters are employed to take the following measurements: 

  • Charge/ voltage on surfaces and the effectiveness of anti-static processing
  • Location, strength and polarity of all static sources
  • Number (per cm² per second) of air ions hitting a surface
  • DC electric field strength in air (also AC)
  • Conductivity of surfaces
  • Attractive/repulsive force between charged surfaces
  • Voltage differential through the thickness of an insulating sheet or film

Static volt meters come with a reset function in addition to a standard alarm function and high-voltage alarm function.    

Specifications of IDM’s static volt meters: 

  • Range: 0 to ± 29.999 kV 
  • Resolution: 1 volt (0.001 kV) 
  • Sensor type: Metal disc 
  • Drift and leakage: Sensor resistance is > 20 T ohms
  • Accuracy: ± 2% of reading 
  • Battery: Standard replaceable 9 volt battery
  • Display speed: 4 updates per second

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