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New Mattress Rollator designed by IDM Instruments

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IDM Instruments Pty Ltd has manufactured their latest designed Mattress Rollator, used to determine the durability of any type of mattress and box spring unit, in accordance with ASTM F1566 and BS 1957 standards. 

The Mattress Rollator has undergone further developments; with the instrument employing a new design to meet the latest safety requirements for CE certification.  

Manufactured according to recognised international standards, the Mattress Rollator consists of a weighted roller which moves width ways across a test mattress to simulate body movement. The length of stroke to which the Roller moves is easily adjusted, by sliding the stroke adjustors left or right, to suit the relevant mattress under test. Unloading and loading of the Roller onto the test mattress is done easily via a motor driven lifting assembly.  

A Safety Enclosure surrounds the Mattress Rollator to ensure no harm come to the operator or others in the testing area. Unless the Safety Door is closed, the machine will not operate.  

The Mattress Rollator can be manufactured using a 6-Sided roller or a rounded roller, depending on the testing procedure. Each roller is made from coated plywood with relevant weights and dimensions as per ASTM and BS standards.  

Testing of mattresses is done very simple using the Mattress Rollator, with operation of the instrument made from the outer control panel. Any size mattresses can be used on the Mattress Rollator, with the carrier frame manufactured to ‘hold’ the mattress during testing.


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