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IDM Instruments manufactures compact laboratory heat sealers

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Compact laboratory heat sealers are suitable or use in development work to help determine the sealing properties and characteristics of plastic and laminated materials, and are now available from IDM Instruments .

Electrically heated and temperature controlled, these heat sealers have been designed for use with materials including flexible packaging, plastic films and plastic laminates.

Sealing pressure can be adjusted, and is controlled by a timer. Sealing bars on these devices are coated with Teflon to ensure a non-stick surface and ease of use.

When in operation, a foot switch initiates sealing by powering a pneumatic cylinder to lower the upper sealing bar to seal. The timer determines the length of time the sealing bars will be in contact at the adjusted sealing pressure.

IDM compact laboratory heat sealers comply with Australian standard ASTM F2029, and also feature:

  • upper and lower temperature controllers, ambient to 300ºC
  • changeable sealing bars
  • a maximum sealing force at 80psi of 280kg per 10cm2; and
  • a safety guard.

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